Light is an essential element of growing

Due to climate change and environmental pollution, plant cultivation under controlled conditions is fast becoming a necessity. This is why we are here.

Grow more efficiently with SunBrite Green

LED technology is revolutionary. It provides your plants with the right light spectrum for the first time ever, overcoming the flaws of other types of light.

The innovation that makes our smart lights suitable for any type of grower is the SunBrite Control System. It enables you to easily connect and fully control your lights.

Violet and far red lights are essential for producing a higher yield. Knowing that, we have combined them with other colors of the light spectrum.

The right spectrum and safety

Not all plants need all the colors of the visible light spectrum. Certain wavelengths play a more important role than others. Red light stimulates the flowering and fruiting, while green light supports the healthy greenish look.

Their low operating temperature and small size allow for LED lights to be placed very close to a plant without overheating or burning it. Additionally, their long lifespan and easy controls make them ideal for use in greenhouses all year round.

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Become member of our family

We are not only researchers and producers of professional growing lights. We are passionate about indoor growing solutions and the future of food production. By 2030, 60% of people will live in dense urban environments where food production will become challenging.

We want to connect with all of you who are already looking ahead into the future and successfully practicing indoor plant growing. We want to hear your stories. Share your indoor growing experience with us.

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Lights for everyone

Our comprehensive range of products includes lights for beginners, professionals, home growers and large-scale greenhouses.

The SunBrite control system provides four levels of control complexity. This makes it ideal for any type of user, ranging from complete amateurs to skilled professionals, scientists and researchers.

Free Delivery*

SunBrite Green products are shipped free of charge to selected European countries.
*Free Delivery not applicable to Andorra, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.

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Need Help?

Can’t find the product information you are looking for? Feel free to contact our customer support. We will try to get back to you within 2-3 working days.

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More About Us

Want to learn more about the origin of the SunBrite Green brand, the umbrella company Tronitec that manages the brand? Check out our corporate site.

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