About LEDs

At SunBrite Green, we recognize the importance of the perfect spectrum of light and its quantity in specific stages of plant growth. LEDs can emit and isolate specific light wavelengths inside the PAR area for the right lighting conditions during the plants’ development cycle.

Evolution is calling for Revolution

Fluorescent Grow Lights

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Grow Lights

Double-ended (DE) Grow Lights

Light-emitting Diode (LED) Grow Lights

Spend less on electricity

LEDs consume less energy. Save as much as 50% on electricity bills.

Save on fertilizers

Use a significantly lower amount of fertilizers. Let the light be food for your plant.

Cultivate safely

Do not worry. Place the LEDs at any distance from the plant. It will not burn it.

Just the right cocktail of wavelengths

LED lights can provide the full range of wavelengths required for plant growth and development. This is not possible with other sources of light. LED sources are far more convenient than conventional HPS lights, whose maximums vary greatly from the greenhouse plant absorption spectrum.

Additionally, LEDs can specific light colors during certain stages of development. The plant absorption spectrum can be adjusted with tunable LEDs. With our SunBrite Green spectrum, you can precisely define the spectrum according to your needs for a healthy and efficient growing.

Most plants don’t need all the colors of the visible light spectrum. Flowering plants require the entire visible light spectrum, but certain wavelengths are more important than others. Of all the artificial light sources, LEDs have the highest PAR efficiency of 80100%. Thanks to the narrow wavelength produced and their ability to emit blue, green, yellow, orange and red light spectra, LEDs can be used to optimize the efficiency and yield.

Light Dictionary
violet light range
385 nm
Violet light amplifies the production of plant compounds.
blue light range
400–500 nm
Blue light increases the plant growth rate.
green light range
500–600 nm
Green light enhances chlorophyll production.
red light range
600–700 nm
Red light yields more leaves and crops.
far-red light range
Far Red
700–800 nm
Far red boosts photosynthetic efficiency.

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