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The high-tech Tronitec group has set up a separate brand, SunBrite Green, which is focused on the development and manufacture of smart LED lights for indoor plant growing. We are researchers and professionals covering a wide range of industry-specific subject fields. Our solutions are designed for home & commercial growers and research projects.

Meet Our Experts
Franci Kučič

Franci got his master’s degree in Total Quality Management and Organisational Excellence at the Sheffield Hallam University, UK. In 2009, he set up Tronitec – a company dedicated to developing cutting-edge circuit boards. After nearly a decade of operations, he established SunBrite Green within the framework of his company.

We are researchers

SunBrite Green’s team of international experts boasts decades of experience in various industry-specific subject fields, ranging from biology, botany, electronics and lighting all the way to logistics, trade and marketing.

With our vast range of knowledge, extensive know-how, enthusiasm and dedication to the cause, we were able to develop the ultimate lighting solutions for the cultivation of plants in a controlled environment.

Our work is supported by several state institutes, private companies and faculties, like the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. Such partnerships are indispensable in testing the safety and efficiency of our LED grow lights.

This is Our Home

You can find us in Central and South-East Europe, namely in Austria. Our research, development, production, and logistics are based on engaging our own resources and outsourcing to highly specialized, reliable and professional partners.

SunBrite Green ships its products and solutions worldwide. With our vast network of partners and retailers in the region, we are capable of fulfilling our customers’ demands in a flexible and prompt manner. Only this way can we ensure that our smart grow lights and solutions are available to each and every grower – be it a complete beginner, an owner of a large greenhouse or even a professional plant cultivator.

Free Delivery*

SunBrite Green products are shipped free of charge to selected European countries.
*Free Delivery not applicable to Andorra, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.

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Can’t find the product information you are looking for? Feel free to contact our customer support. We will try to get back to you within 2-3 working days.

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More About Us

Want to learn more about the origin of the SunBrite Green brand, the umbrella company Tronitec that manages the brand? Check out our corporate site.

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