The SB-10R is a light-weight and ready to use but professional luminaire suitable for research projects. The additional feature of the luminaire is the violet light (385nm) which helps enhancing taste and smell of the plant. The luminaire is silent while working and ready to connect with the SunBrite Control System®.

  • Standard IEC connection filter.
  • IEC input, mains filter with double fuse holder and 2-pole rocker switch.
  • Thermal protection against high temperatures on the housing of the lamp.
  • Custom 7-channel LED driver to control the currents in the LED network.

€ 1.990,00

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Programmable with SunBrite Control System®

This product is fully compatible with SunBrite Control System®. It fulfills the broadest spectrum of customers needs with 4 complexity levels of control.

You can choose brightness levels for separate components and predefine or save 10 spectrums and activate them on the master’s component. Luminaries can be linked into a simple network. The whole group can be controlled only with the first device in network.

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Technical Specifications

Voltage range: 185-245 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Total Power Consumption: 490W, 230VAC

LED Power: 450W

AC/DC Efficiency: 93%

Power of Fans: 5W

Number of LEDs: 234

Power Factor: PF≥0,95 / 230VAC

Mac input Current: 2.25A@230VAC

Minimal Life Span: 50.000h

Certification: CE, RoHS

€ 1.990,00

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Mechanical properties

Dimensions: 475 x 750 x 85 mm

IP LED Power Supply: IP67

Lens: YES

Ambient Temperature: -20°C–+50 °C

IP Optical (LED on MPCB): IP67

Glass protection: NO

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*Free Delivery not applicable to Andorra, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.

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